Discover How Public Sex Can Be The The Most Personal!

A Four-Star Restaurant. Crowded With Customers. A Depressed Career Woman. A Handsome Stranger.

An Intimate Encounter Beyond Imagining!

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taking my wife's best friend

Book 4 of The Bold Bride Series

My bride Hannah is the love of my life, a pure joy, and a sexual enigma of the first order. She was a virgin on our wedding night and as naive as any woman could possibly be but, Now? Now, she is a temptress, a sexual siren, and craves sexual Adventures at every turn!

Recently, I introduced her to a female colleague who had the Hots for my Hannah and Hannah just said, “Invite her over for drinks.” That was Hannah’s very first experience with lesbian love and she insisted that I be right there in the room with her the entire time.

Not only had Hannah insisted that I be with her, she made sure that I got to participate also.

Hannah shares Everything with me.

Lately, she’s wanted to host a Party with a few of our closest friends. I’m talking the kind of party that involves lots of bare flesh and moist crevices.

I thought that Hannah was mostly interested in expanding her sexual Adventures to new heights but I discovered that, what she mostly wanted was to watch as her best friend, Katharine, and I made passionate love while Hannah got to watch the two of us writhing in each other’s arms.

My wife is a bit of a voyeur these days and I try to cater to her desires, whatever they may be.

At our party, Katharine brought along her favorite lover - Elise - and from the moment this vibrant, bubbly young girl entered our home, I knew that the Party was on!

Taking My Wife's Best Friend

Book 4 of the Bold Bride Series. Hanna - the recent newlywed who went from virgin bride to full-blown Sex Kitten in a matter of just a few, short months - steps-up her game significantly by planning a party where she, herself, is the center of sexual attention.

Join Hanna and her best friend, Kate, as they try to out-do each other in the number of mind-blowing orgasms they each have at this incredible party!

Excerpt From
Taking My Wife's Best Friend

"I put down the phone, looked back at my best friend and said in a low, suggestive tone, “Take me to bed, Katy.”

She smiled, reached across the table and took my hand in hers, “Any time you want, Hanni…I’ll Always be here for you.” Still holding my hand, Katy rose from the kitchen table and pulled me up with her. “What part do you prefer today?” Katy always asked me that to see if I wanted to be aggressive or submissive…but, at this moment, I felt like letting Katy just take the lead and replied, “Submissive, baby…tell me what it will be like, okay?” I, of course, was referring to the upcoming party and what my part might be in it.

Katy pulled me in for a fierce hug, a deep kiss, and then led me back to the bedroom. When we got there, Katy got behind me and hugged me again as she began unbuttoning my blouse and pulling my bra up over my breasts. She tweaked my nipples to erection in the way she knew I liked and whispered, “There will be two men and three women there, sweetheart and they All will want you.”

Moving her hands down to my waist, Katy quickly unbuckled and unzipped my jeans and slipped her hands to the waistband of my panties. “James will want to fuck you as soon as he arrives…he’s never had much stamina. Once he’s finished, he’ll be finished for the night.”

Katy pushed my panties and jeans past my hips until my pubic hair was fully exposed and then stopped. “James wife - Alicia - enjoys women just fine but likes to play the Shy game. She’ll want you to pursue her for a little bit and then will surrender so fast, your eyes won’t even register that her panties are off!” I giggled at that vision and then gasped quietly as Katy fingers slipped across my pubic area.

“And then there will be My date…,” Katy began as her fingers moved past my pubic hair to the enlarged treasure that tipped the top of my pussy. I leaned my head back to rest against her shoulder and sighed contentedly..."

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