Discover How Public Sex Can Be The The Most Personal!

A Four-Star Restaurant. Crowded With Customers. A Depressed Career Woman. A Handsome Stranger.

An Intimate Encounter Beyond Imagining!

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The Awakening Bride

Book 2 of The Bold Bride Series

In a society drenched in casual sex and Experienced women, I was an exception to the rule. On the day of my wedding, I was a bonafide, true-blue American virgin bride. I know - it sounds so incredibly naive - how could a woman in this day and age maintain her virginity with all the multitude of enticements surrounding her on an hourly basis? You can thank my crazy-ass mother for that. All my life, she told me how Evil and Nasty sex was and that only Bad girls did such dirty things.

So, there I was, a newly-minted wife with absolutely NO idea about how to be intimate with my brand-new husband or even what to really expect from my wedding night. My girlfriends - of course - had given me hundreds of tips about what I should do, what I should wear, and how I ought to behave when that Final Moment was upon me. But, Hearing about sex and actually Doing it were light-years apart.

This is the story of my first sexual experience and how I went from shy to sensual with my new husband on our beautiful wedding night.

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The Awakening Bride

Hanna entered her marriage as a naive virgin - with only the barest of fundamentals as to how two people approach and gain pleasure from their mutual intimacy. Now, after three months of frantic learning from her new husband, Hanna is about to embark on a sexual path that never before even crossed her sheltered mind.

Hanna's husband, Kenneth, introduces her to a beautiful, bi-sexual colleague named 'Kate' who has developed a fascination for Hannas' innocence and fresh body. Kenneth agrees that His and Hanna's intimate moments might be even further enhanced if a third - completely uninhibited - woman join them in expanding Hannas' sexual appetites.

Excerpt From The Awakening Bride

"Kate looked over to where Kenneth was sitting and said, “I am going to kiss your wife now, Kenneth. I am going to take her to your bedroom and make love with her. Are you ready for that?” She framed the comment in the form of a question and Kenneth simply nodded his answer.

Turning back to me, Kate moved her soft hands to either side of my face, leaned towards me and covered my lips with her soft ones. I closed my eyes and waited for the explosion of tongue that I fully expected to occur. It didn’t happen that way. Kate kissed me as softly as I had ever been kissed. At first, she used her tongue to simply coat the perimeter of my mouth with her warm saliva and then continued her gentle lip embrace.

Suddenly, I realized what she was doing…she was waiting for Me to respond to her. She had initiated first contact and now wanted to see what I would do. Tentatively, I returned her kiss with slight pressure of my own and touched her soft tongue with my own when it peeked from between her lips.

This soft and gentle dual lasted for several minutes and I was completely absorbed with Kate’s lips when I realized that - somewhere in there - Kate had moved one of her hands from my face and was now cupping my breast so carefully, that I barely felt her touch. My breath caught in my throat as my nipple jumped to erection so quickly, I knew that she could feel it through both my blouse and my bra.

Pulling away from my lips, Kate kissed a trail to my earlobe and whispered so only I could hear her, “Show me to your bedroom, Hannah…you and I need to become better acquainted.”

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