Discover How Public Sex Can Be The The Most Personal!

A Four-Star Restaurant. Crowded With Customers. A Depressed Career Woman. A Handsome Stranger.

An Intimate Encounter Beyond Imagining!

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The Hayride Incident

Not all hayrides are church socials. Some - very special - hayrides cater to a select group of participants who appreciate the darkness, the swaying, and the intimate atmosphere.

Jenni - a 'Newly Minted' - lesbian discovers how privacy can be quite public and even shared by strangers around her.

This Ain't Your Church Hayride!

Jenni - a newly ‘Out of the Closet’ lesbian - is just starting to learn the ropes about what her new lifestyle entails. Her best friend, Melissa, has been trying to teach her but feels that Jenni is still too ‘up-tight’ for her own good. So, Melissa decides to invite her on a very special hayride - one arranged around women who all share the same intimate interests.

For Jenni - though she doesn’t know it yet - it will be an opportunity to discover her potential with other women - all of whom are total strangers - in an atmosphere of darkness, warmth, and complete physical abandon.

Jenni begins this ‘Hayride’ completely ignorant of how this Encounter will affect her but, by the end, her perception of her new lifestyle will have bloomed like a rose in the sunlight.

Encounters: The Hayride Incident is a story of one woman’s journey from an uncertain, passive participant in her new intimate relationships with her female partners to one of strength and surety. Jenni will soon discover that to fully recognize and understand her capacity for physical pleasure with women of wildly different needs and wants, she will need to learn that she has to become more far more aggressive.

In this book, Jenni becomes friends and a physical partner with Sherry - A redhead who needs strong leadership during intimacy and sees Jenni as the one who will give that to her. Over the course of the hayride, both Sherry and Jenni will find that their compatible approaches towards physical intimacy will result in monumental pleasure for each along with sexual ‘Highs’ that neither before knew existed.

So, hop on to the ‘Lesbian Express’ and see how even complete strangers can satisfy each other beyond their wildest imaginations.

Excerpt From The Hayride Incident

"Sherry’s lips were warm, soft and very wet… licking them with her tongue before allowing the contact was a trick that I certainly intended to use when I next bedded Melissa… it was incredibly sensual and the natural lubrication really increased the feeling of personal contact. Our lips slid together as if they had some other kind of lubricant on them and the sensation was really beginning to get me Very wet. As much as my sexual urges were screaming at me to push her to the straw, rip her clothes off and plunge my tongue deep between her legs, I sensed that restraint was truly called for here. I felt that the build-up would be worth taking it slowly. As incredibly aroused as I now was, I wanted this first encounter to last a very long time.

I then felt the first, tentative exploration of her warm tongue at my lips so, I opened them wider to give her the encouragement to plunge deeper. As her tongue slipped further inside my mouth, I met it with my own and mingled our saliva until I could taste her minty breath freshener. Slowly, so very slowly, our tongues circled each other like two lionesses on the Serengeti. Neither was willing at this tentative moment to try and plunge themselves forward for the deeper recesses of our mouths. I was loving every, trembling moment of this teasing contact and, from her breathless moan between my lips, I could tell that she was too."

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