Discover How Public Sex Can Be The The Most Personal!

A Four-Star Restaurant. Crowded With Customers. A Depressed Career Woman. A Handsome Stranger.

An Intimate Encounter Beyond Imagining!

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The Innocent Bride

Book 1 of The Bold Bride Series

In a society drenched in casual sex and Experienced women, I was an exception to the rule. On the day of my wedding, I was a bonafide, true-blue American virgin bride. I know - it sounds so incredibly naive - how could a woman in this day and age maintain her virginity with all the multitude of enticements surrounding her on an hourly basis? You can thank my crazy-ass mother for that. All my life, she told me how Evil and Nasty sex was and that only Bad girls did such dirty things.

So, there I was, a newly-minted wife with absolutely NO idea about how to be intimate with my brand-new husband or even what to really expect from my wedding night. My girlfriends - of course - had given me hundreds of tips about what I should do, what I should wear, and how I ought to behave when that Final Moment was upon me. But, Hearing about sex and actually Doing it were light-years apart.

This is the story of my first sexual experience and how I went from shy to sensual with my new husband on our beautiful wedding night.

More About The Innocent Bride

Hanna was about as innocent as one woman could get. All her life, her mother had insisted that "Men Were Evil" and little more than sex demons who would rape and ravish her.

When, finally, she had found just the right man and her wedding night was upon her, Hanna knew that the moment had, at last,  arrived... she would be forced to finally surrender her precious virginity to a man.

But, even before the fateful night of terror had begun, Hanna's new husband urged her to give him some temporary "relief" before leaving on their lengthy journey to begin their 'real' honeymoon.

Although terrified, Hanna was a married woman now and such behavior that had been disgusting to her before now was her responsibility as a wife and lover.

So, with immense trepidation, Hanna slowly reached down to give her new husband the relief that he asked of her...

Excerpt From The Innocent Bride

"Kenneth nuzzled her hair for a moment before moving his lips close to her ear, “It’s just that we’ll be driving for hours before we get to the hotel and I’ve got a little problem that needs to be handled.” He grasped her right hand gently and brought it to the front of his trousers, pressing her palm firmly against his throbbing bulge. “I just need a little relief for that long trip.” He moved her palm up and down his hard length in imitation of what he wanted from her.

Hannah blushed furiously at this intimate contact and tried to pull-away but Kenneth effortlessly kept her hand where it was. This is so wrong, she thought to herself, This isn’t love, this is just…Sex! Hannah was just about as naive as one woman could possibly be but, she also knew that men had needs that women didn’t - or so her mother told her - and, wasn’t it Her responsibility to help her new husband with this problem? She loved Kenneth and certainly didn’t want him to suffer such discomfort because of her.

Kenneth sat them both down on the nearby sofa and whispered, “Would you do this for me, Hannah? It won’t go any further that that…I promise.” Hesitating for a few, long moments, Hannah finally just nodded her head in acquiescence. Not really knowing where to begin, she placed her small hand against his erection and just - very lightly - began squeezing.

“Wait,” Kenneth said as he unclasped his belt, pulled-down his zipper and released his cock to the cool room air. He then retook Hannah’s hand and placed it around his girth. “Up and down…slowly,” he groaned in anticipation. Hannah was shocked at how Big he was and thought panically, How is this…this Thing going to fit inside me? It’ll tear me apart! But, that situation was for later and, right now, she had to deal with what was in front of her."

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