Discover How Public Sex Can Be The The Most Personal!

A Four-Star Restaurant. Crowded With Customers. A Depressed Career Woman. A Handsome Stranger.

An Intimate Encounter Beyond Imagining!

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The tied Bride

Book 3 of The Bold Bride Series

In a society drenched in casual sex and Experienced women, I was an exception to the rule. On the day of my wedding, I was a bonafide, true-blue American virgin bride. I know - it sounds so incredibly naive - how could a woman in this day and age maintain her virginity with all the multitude of enticements surrounding her on an hourly basis? You can thank my crazy-ass mother for that. All my life, she told me how Evil and Nasty sex was and that only Bad girls did such dirty things.

But, after eight months of truly mind-blowing sex with my husband and our mutual, bi-sexual best friend, Kate, I've discovered a large part of me who - once very inhibited - nows sees intimacy in a far more 'Enlightened' manner.

So, one day, Kenneth brought me a small box... a 'Present' of sorts. inside this box were a few, innocent-looking items designed to push my acceptance of my newly-discovered sexuality to entirely new levels!

In The Tied Bride, Hanna quickly discovers that light bondage can be an enormous turn-on - especially when she is being ravaged by two of her most treasured and intimate companions!

More About The Tied Bride

Hanna was about as innocent as one woman could get. All her life, her mother had insisted that "Men Were Evil" and little more than sex demons who would rape and ravish her.

But, then, Hanna married the man of her dreams - Kenneth - and discovered that everything her mother taught her about men and sex was completely wrong. While Hanna had been absolutely terrified going in to her wedding night to lose her virginity, Kenneth had not only been gentle and understanding, he had the patience to bring her to the brink, and then over the barrier to having her very first orgasm.

Now, after eight months of sexual bliss, Kenneth introduces Hanna to yet another aspect of the sexual experience for her to enjoy.

Between Kenneth and their sometimes sex partner Kate, Hanna learns of the pleasures of long, silken restraints and widely-spaced bed posts!

Excerpt From The Tied Bride

"But, I also knew that Kenneth liked to watch Katharine and I having sex together - he had made that very clear after that first time Kate went down on me. Of course, I like to have my husband watch me and I was discovering that I liked to watch Him as well. It was opening-up an entire new dimension to our love life that I never before realized might become acceptable to me. The idea of watching Kenneth plunge his erect, hard penis deeply into Katharine’s vagina set my nether regions to tingling and I was suddenly excited to get this evening going.

So, I waited for Kate with my hands still behind my back to tie me and to take me… squeezing my fingernails into my palms in anticipation.

Katharine turned me around in her arms and took my hands in hers to kiss them softly, “Not like that, Hanni…you’re not some sex slave here.” She reached into the gift box and removed the scarves and held them limply in her hand. I was more relieved than I realized but was still puzzled at how she intended for me to wear them. Kate just took the whole Gift in her hands, turned and walked-over to one of the chairs by the bed and sat down.

Crossing her legs and resting her hands on the chair arms, she said quietly, “Undress for me, Hanni. Undress for me and do it very slowly.”

Now This was more like it! Kenneth Loved for me to strip for him and I loved to do it just to watch his reaction. We had begun this little game shortly after our wedding night when he was still teaching me how to be more comfortable with exposing myself to him. At first, it was incredibly embarrassing and all I wanted to do was cover myself from his view. But, quickly enough, I grew to enjoy how I could arouse my husband simply by strategically exposing a nipple here, a dimple there until he couldn’t stand it any longer and took me with a ferocity that had me orgasming in seconds on the bed.

Once - a couple of weeks into our marriage - I Upped the ante tremendously, and quite accidentally during one of these striptease moments. I had taken nearly ten minutes to completely strip in front of him and was trying to tease him further by doing a mock masturbation of myself while locking eyes with him. My goal then was to turn Kenneth on so much that he would go down on me - an exercise that was quickly becoming one of my favorite sexual releases with my new husband."

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