The Virgin Bride – Her First Night 

 September 12, 2018

By  Jesse Cane

I know…the quintessential Virgin Bride story. In this day and age, such things can seem as rare as hen’s teeth but, make no mistake, they Do happen!

In this – the first of a series of Virgin Bride stories – we find Hanna alone with her new husband just hours following the wedding ceremony. Her new husband, Kenneth, is anxious to finally claim the treasure that Hanna has been denying for months and she is still reluctant. But, Kenneth won’t be denied This time however and Hanna soon discovers that pleasing her man doesn’t necessarily mean intercourse. There are Other ways!


Excerpt from The Innocent Bride

He was pressed-up tight against her and Hannah could feel his hardness pressing into her stomach. Was it her imagination or was he much harder than all those other times that they had embraced? She couldn’t tell since she had never let those embraces proceed any further and she had certainly never Touched it before, despite his pleading. Now, he was dropping his hands from her back, past her bra catch, and down to the firm and rounded mounds of her buttocks. Gently, he began to squeeze and caress her there until she thought that she might go mad from such unexpected but Welcome stimulation.

Does he want to do it here? Now? Panic nearly clamped her teeth shut around his tongue and she tried to pull-away…just to catch her breath for a moment. I’m not ready! All those people downstairs will hear and laugh and stare at me when we leave!

Putting her hands on Kenneth’s chest, she pushed to separate them just as she had been doing for the last six months to keep the animal in him at bay.

Just like her mother had taught her.

Except – this time – the animal was loose and had no intention whatsoever of being pushed back into its cage. Kenneth simply began kissing her harder…continued groping her butt cheeks more insistently and pulling her crotch even tighter against the throbbing hardness of him.

This was just a brief snippet of The Innocent Bride…there’s far more to the story! The book is currently available on Amazon and can be download by clicking on The Innocent Bride.

–Jesse Cane

Jesse Cane

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