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Free Erotica Ebook

Select Adult Stories for the Discerning Erotica Reader

Jesse Cane Erotica is all about the private enjoyment of sexually-explicit stories that titillate the senses, stimulate the libido, and quicken the pulse. Within the pages of this web site, you will find descriptions of all of our short stories and novellas dedicated to providing you with the very best of erotic reading pleasure and satisfaction.

Let's start you off with an enticing little short story about a young professional woman - let's call her 'Anastasia' - who has had a particularly bad day in the business world. While drinking-away her career troubles in a nice four-star restaurant in the city, a young man approaches her and introduces himself as 'Paris' and is handsome, well-dressed, and as charming as can be.

Needing some pleasant companionship right about then, Anna invites Paris to sit at her table...

And, so begins an evening of sexual pleasure and release for Anna beyond her wildest imagination - right there -- amongst dozens of fellow diners without any of them detecting the barest Hint of what's happening beneath her table-top!

Erotica With Class!

JesseCane.com is proud of writing and publishing the very finest in classic erotic literature. While focusing mostly on lesbian encounters of all types, many of our stories encapsulate traditional heterosexual relationships as well.

As a "For Instance," our current Free Give-Away erotic eBook - Forbidden Pleasures - tells the story of one woman's highly public sexual tryst with a handsome stranger in a crowded, four-star restaurant!

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About Jesse Cane

I have been a lover of Erotica since I first hit puberty (surprise!) I believe that our sexual interactions are what truly define us as Homo Sapiens - In the animal world, copulation is merely an urge to procreate while, human sexuality extends to pleasure and loving gratification (and procreation, of course).

Erotica as an art form shows the beauty, devotion, and emotion possible between people and illustrates that we are far more than simply 'animals.'

I love writing erotica...I love reading erotica...and, by the way, I am totally and completely In-Love with my characters. They help me see life and people as more than creatures searching for that next 'buck'.

Like many of my female characters, I, too, consider myself to be somewhat attracted to the female gender. The softness, the hidden moisture, the overwhelming responses that need to be teased-out can be so much more rewarding.

Pulse-Pounding Erotica

Below, you'll find a few samples of the kind of adult entertainment that await you within the pages of this website.

The Hayride Incident

Not all hayrides are church socials. Some - very special - hayrides cater to a select group of participants who appreciate the darkness, the swaying, and the intimate atmosphere.

Jenni - a 'Newly Minted' - lesbian discovers how privacy can be quite public and even shared by strangers around her.

The Innocent Bride

It was Hanna's wedding day; a day she had been anticipating her entire life. Mountains of flowers, delicate cakes and bubbly champaign, and, most frighteningly, the inevitable loss of her most prized possession... her virginity!

Hanna had kept herself 'Pure' just so that she could finally give herself to the man she loved, the man who finally be the one to spread her legs in a big, soft bed and make her a woman in all its connotations.

Even so, Hanna wasn't ready to take that final, irrevocable step in her life. Just the thought of her fiancée, Kenneth, seeing her naked and doing - "Things" - to her made her shudder from head to toes in panic. What was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to act? Was she supposed to just lay there or did she have to act like a whore for him?

And, she only had a couple of hours before the reality was upon her...

The Awakening Bride

Book 2 in the Bold Bride series, The Awakening Bride continues the story of Hanna and her new husband and her journey from a completely naive young girl to a woman who is curious about her sexual appetites and more than willing to explore them all to their fullest.

The Awakening Bride occurs some few months following the events of The Bold Bride and Hanna's initial reluctance concerning sexual intimacy have all but disappeared. One day, her husband Kenneth, introduces Hanna to a female colleague of his named Kate. As it turns-out, Kate is a bisexual woman who is enormously attracted to Hanna and wishes to move that innocent introduction to more physical contact.

Kenneth is more than willing and Hanna is more than just interested!

Jesse Cane Erotica is Your One-Stop Source for the Finest in Erotic Stories and Novellas...Period!

Erotica is a true art form - hailing back before the time of Plato. True erotica inspires all the human emotions... joy, love, commitment, and, of course, tenderness. True erotica makes you 'Feel!'

At Jesse Cane Erotica, we strive with every story we publish to surround you with all those most important emotions while ensuring that you Tingle with every sentence!

The very best way for you to sample a bit of the writing we offer is to download the free eBook, Forbidden Pleasures and see for yourself.