The Hayride Encounter – A Free Lesbian Ebook 

 September 30, 2018

By  Jesse Cane

A Free Lesbian Ebook
The hayride encounter

Jessica is a very recent “Out of the Closet” lesbian. She is still getting her feet wet with regards to this whole intimacy with women thing. Her best friend – Melissa – originally was the one who seduced Jessica and helped her discover her Real sexuality. Now, she’s showing her the ropes in the underground lesbian community.

In fact, it was also Melissa who suggested the “Lesbian Express” – an out in the country hayride where newly discovered lesbians could go to get more comfortable with their fellow Sisters.

Here is a short excerpt from this latest free lesbian ebook where you can share Jessica’s first sexual encounter In The Wild!

The message was clear…Sherry wanted me to be a little bit rougher with her. Her tastes seemed to lead a little to the submissive side. Tonight, despite my preferences for gentle sex, I decided that I was going to be somewhat more aggressive than was my usual approached towards my intimate partners.

The wagon was filled now with quiet murmurs and helpless moaning and desperate cries of pleasure. My initial fear of being found-out if Sherry and I started to get serious was put to rest. No one was paying the slightest attention to us…they were all lost on their own, private pleasure planets and couldn’t care less about another couple doing the same mere inches away from them.

EDIT: Wow! That was dumb! I forgot to tell you where you could download this free lesbian ebook. Well, please forgive me and go HERE for the book. Sorry.


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Jesse Cane

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